Black Obsidian Crystal Yoni Wand

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100% natural black obsidian yoni wand


Obsidian helps to ward off negative energy. 


The Pleasure Wand is designed to internally sensually massage your intimate areas, such as the Yoni. You may like to insert the wand inside the vagina, just like you would a regular vibrator or dildo, gently pulling the wand in and out to your speed and pleasure. With it's glassy and sleek texture, the sensation inside is smooth and silky - similar to the texture of glass, however packed full of love, tenderness and high vibration!  

The wand warms up to your own body temperature during pleasuring. You can also wash the wand in hot or cold water beforehand so that when you insert the warm wand it heightens sensations and pleasure tremendously! The Pleasure Wand is a tool for women to use on themselves during masturbation/self-pleasuring or self-loving meditation (on the body or inside the yoni). It can also be used by your partner while he or she oral stimulates the clitoris or similar manual stimulation (fingering). You may also like to use the wands in body massage or to have on your alter.