Fairy Light Dome

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Use this lamp to add same magic to your room, apartment, or home! Hundreds of fairies are living under this dome to help guide you through the night!


- Color: As shown.
- Material: Glass and wood.
- Diameter: About 12cm/4.7inch.
- Height: About 17cm/7inch.
- Beautiful decorative wooden base and glass dome table lamp - ideal for bedside reading, living rooms, hallways and decorative lighting.
- With elegant and ambient LED warm white fairy micro starry string lights create a magical lighting experience for your home.
- The low power consumption makes the galaxy dome suitable for use over extended periods of time, the LED dissipate very little heat and are energy efficient, using only 3-6W of power, without worry of the surfaces getting hot to the touch or your electricity bills soaring.
- The light can be used on long, dark winter evening, during dinner parties or even as night lights.
- The LED string lights are placed in the glass domes in a random fashion. This creates a chaotic, yet dramatic, arrangement of lights that afford the product a distinctive look unlike any other table light.

Packing list

1 * Glass Dome Lamp Bell Jar Display Dome Wooden Base String USB LED Warm White Light Bedside Table Lamp with LED Warm Fairy Starry String Lights (Warm White)