Mini Tarot Cards

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A functional, mini tarot deck of major arcana cards, that is also magnetic and 100% weatherproof!

Twenty two, hand-cut (slightly uneven!), super durable, waterproof, weatherproof, fade-resistant, permanent, magnetic cards, in a tiny 2.5" x 1.5" box with holographic EarthShine sticker logo. The reverse side is plain matte black.

  • These cards are not all printed exactly the same size (just a few mm off) 
  • They are hand cut, lending more to the charm and unique nature of this deck.
  • The super durable material makes the printing appear slightly blurred... its not a print error or flaw. 
  • The magnets themselves are not intended to hold anything more than a single sheet of paper to your fridge. These wont be your go-to magnets for 'function' (but they will stick just fine on their own) 
  • Total weight of the cards together is 120g
  • (Crystal not included in listing, photo prop only)