Obsidian Healing Pyramid

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When volcanic lava cools quickly, it forms shiny Black Obsidian healing crystals. If you find yourself drawn to the Obsidian crystal stone and its intense, mysterious vibes, it could be a sign that you're in need of a deep psychic cleanse. Known as the "psychic vacuum cleaner," the Obsidian crystal is your spiritual maid service, working hard to clean up the emotional wreckage and debris from the past. A bodyguard to your soul, the Obsidian crystal stone also protects you from shadow traits -- addiction, fear, anxiety, and anger-- by acting as a mirror to your inner self. 

The Obsidian crystal properties are also known for their stabilizing and grounding effects, making it an excellent crystal for reigning in scattered energies. Whenever you feel yourself spread too thin, hold a stone in each hand and feel it restoring harmony to your root chakra, the energy center that anchors you securely to the earth. Armed with the power of now, take on the day with renewed confidence when you wear Obsidian stone jewelry, a stylish way to have a constant flow of its tough and resilient energy.

Let the Obsidian crystal meaning bring out your intuition, that wise inner voice that somehow always knows the right thing to do.




  • Pure obsidian pyramid
  • Beautiful and lustrous surface
  • Can be put in the house for decoration
  • Can be a excellent gift for family and friends for good wishing
  • Also can take along when you are out for increasing your luck!


  • Material: Obsidian
  • Color: Black
  • Size:40*40*30mm 

Package Content:

  • 1x pcs Obsidian