Coffee Grinder

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When hosting a family party, a date with friends, or have guests visiting, you can now supply them with warm coffee that you made by yourself! Grind coffee beans to make ground coffee. Easy to use! You can say good-bye to that tasteless instant coffee! 


  • Material: Aluminum and food grade material. Environmental protection, no pollution, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Safe and non-toxic.
  • The coffee grinder makes grinding powder even and you can make whatever fine or rough coffee bean powder you like.
  • Labor-saving design of the coffee bean grinder, easy for you to make coffee manually.
  • With the device, you can make fresh and delicious coffee as soon as the coffee bean had been grinded. 
  • Scope of application: coffee, white pepper, sea salt and other solid particles. 



Material: Aluminum, Acrylic

Grinder Core: Ceramic 

Color: as picture

Powder Capacity: for 1~2 people

Size: Approx. 4.5*12cm / 1.7*4.7inch (bottom dia. x height)


How to Use?

After adjusting the clearance of the grinding head, place the baked coffee into the grinding cylinder.

Adjust the grinder core in a clockwise rotation.



1. For first use, clean the grinder with detergent. Use soft cotton cloth to wipe and place in a cool place to dry.

2. Please do not use wire brush and other hard tools to clean, avoid scuffing the grinder appearance.


Package Included:

1 x Manual Coffee Grinder

1 x Storage Bag